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About Us

Happy Hen Farms started in the spring of 2016 with 10 chicks in Nampa, Idaho. The original intent was for the chickens to be for home-use, but eventually, word got out about how amazing the eggs were! Every year since 2016, the farm has grown. Updated equipment, barns, and Non-GMO feed were added a few years later, which have become some of the defining properties of Happy Hen Farms. Today, the farm buys and sources all feed ingredients direct from local Idaho farmers, ensuring only the best ingredients go into our hen's diets, after which those same ingredients are then ground, mixed, and fed, all on-site, ensuring feed quality is controlled from the time the feed shows up on the farm to when it is fed.

The farm's resident rock-stars involve 1,100 laying hens, as well as the owner-operator Jack. 

We are always trying new farming practices, and aim to always provide the very best for our animals so YOU can purchase the very best! We believe that by taking care of the soil and our animals, that they will in turn take care of us by producing an abundance of healthy, tasty food. 

Thank you for choosing Happy Hen Farms! 

You can taste the difference! 

About Us: Our Farm
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