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A Few Common Questions...

Where are your products located at?

Our eggs are available in several retail locations, such as Boise Co-op, Roots Zero Waste Market, Juniper Company, Lark & Larder, The Roosevelt Market, and Reed's Dairy/Boise Milk. 

If you have any suggestions for other locations, feel free to let us know!

What does "free-range" actually mean?

"Free-range" is a term used to describe the way the eggs are produced. In our case, our hens are allowed to roam freely among trees, bushes, shrubs, as well as open areas of grass year round. If the weather is too nasty outside for the hens to go outside, they are always given green forage (hay, grass, veggie scraps) to make up for what they would be eating outdoors. 

Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately we do not offer delivery on an individual basis because of the rising cost of inputs, time, and energy, and as a consequence, the need for high order volumes. However, we offer home delivery through our distributor, Reed's Dairy/Boise Milk! 

However, if you are capable of using 15+ dozen on a regular basis, contact us to check for availability and pricing. 

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